Sewing Machine Essentials

You and your sewing machine – getting to know it better!

Date:   13th January 2018

Time:  9.30 am – 1.30 pm

Venue:  The Old School, School Lane, Storrington, RH20 4LL

Cost:  £30

Tutor:  Ann Till, 01903 745625,

A newly revised course designed to take people through the features of their sewing machine and more.  This course is for those new to their sewing machine and those less adventurous people who have had a sewing machine for years, but really haven’t discovered the sewing machine’s hidden talents.  Threading, bobbin, tension, securing, reversing, different stitches, different feet and doing some applique!  By the end of the course, you will be itching to get on and start using some of the features of your sewing machine to make more beautiful things!

The Beginning

Learn the basics of sewing machine – needles, bobbins, threading the machine, the mysteries of the needle threader; presser feet, stitches, lengths, widths; feed dogs; quilting, etc.

Onward towards understanding the sewing machine

Needles – what size

Thread – what size

Tension – what is it, how to control it, etc

What rules for needles and threads.


Work on useful stitches and how to alter it and presser feet from straight stitch, blind hem, overlock and stretch stitch, stepped zig-zag, satin stitches and any others you wish to know.

Stabilizers, what are they and when to use them.

Fun and games – learning appliqué – satin stitch set-up and hemming with the blind hem foot/stitch.

Trying out different stitches

How to use different presser feet

Cleaning your machine

Essential rules for keeping your machine running beautifully.

Review of this course:

Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine.(Sewing machine essentials)  (half a day)

“This is the first of Ann’s courses I did and I can truly say this was very well worth  doing. I learnt a lot about my machine, how it works , how and why  it  does various things. The very basics are easily learnt from the manual, how to thread it, where the bobbin goes,  stitch size etc.,  but using the patterned stitches , what stitch size to use, what tension etc. is a hit and miss affair until you are shown. So much in this course the title maybe a bit off putting, I guess most of us think we know our machine, this certainly showed me I didn’t!!!”  J.V.

Interested in this course?  Email me at or phone on 01903 745625


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