Machine Quilting Workshop

Silent Jungle closeu- night

Machine Quilting Workshop

Friday, 4th April, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm.

Teacher:  Ann Till

Cost: £40

This course is designed for those people who have done some quilting and are now ready to learn the techniques of machine quilting.  The student will be sent a discussion document for items 1 through 5 which will be our beginning hour on the course.  The rest of the time is practical – using your Walking Foot you will be making samplers and drawing patterns and sewing them to ensure competence in Machine Quilting.  This course is to be taken prior to the Free-Motion Quilting class on the 7th/8th June.

What will you learn –

  1. Attitude*
    1. a. As a beginner, don’t try to run before you walk
  2. Washing fabrics – should I or not? Which wadding/batting? *
  3. Putting the quilt together*
    1. Preparing your quilt for quilting
    2. Ways to hold your sandwich together
    3. Useful tools
  4. Quilting ergonomics- how best to arrange your quilting area*
  5. Your environment*
    1. Your table, your chair, lighting
  6. Needles and threads*
    1. Presser feet for machine quilting
    2. Thread and tension
  7. Practical machine quilting
    1. Making a quilting sampler

i.      Useful stitch settings
ii.      Marking your quilt and patterns
iii.      Walking foot
iv.     Straight stitching –
v.      Templates
vi.      Stitch in the Ditch
vii.      Bobbin quilting
viii.      Sewing circles, twin needle sewing

Requirements:  Sewing machine, sewing machine manual, walking foot, ¼” foot,  4  x 16” square sandwiches.  Hopefully a small quilt sandwich that needs quilting in the ditch.

* The asterisked items will be emailed to students for reading prior to the course.


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