Free-Motion Quilt Workshop Weekend

Just SEW It – eBook 3

Date:   Saturday, 7th/8th June 2014, 9.30 – 4.00 pm

Venue:           The Old School, School Lane, Storrington RH20 4LL

Cost:               £75 –

Teacher:      Ann Till

Immerse yourself in 2 free motion days, finishing by making an Art journal to keep track of stitch techniques and ideas.  Watch this space for photos.

Bring with you

  • Sewing machine – cleaned and hopefully in good nick with manual, spare needles, quilting (darning) foot (essential).  (know how to lower feed dogs OR bring a means to cover them – credit card works
  • Sewing kit plus all of your feet, scissors
  • 4-6  14 – 18” quilt sandwiches made from plain fabric and wadding
  • Size 50 Quality Cotton thread –  Gutterman, Superior, Coates, Sulky, Aurafil – probably dark so you can see what you are doing!
  • Pack of needles – Schmetz or Superior Top Stitch  or Metallic 80/12 & 90/14 plus one 2 or 3 ml twin needle – try their titanium needles!
  • Spare bobbins
  • A variety to threads – I will have some for you to play with all sizes – 17 – 40 weight, metallic, variegated, whatever you fancy
  • Lined and unlined paper
  • Patterns you wish to learn

Introduction to free-motion techniques and tips and tricks

Day 1

  1. Setting up your machine for free-motion – with and without ability to drop feed dogs
  2. Playing – paper preparation.  Practice
  3. Playing on a sandwich – doodling, trying out some shapes, writing name, etc
  4. Landscape following
  5. Meandering – paper, machine
  6. Playing with different patterns, i.e. feathers, pebbles, etc.

Day 2

  1. Tips and tricks – accessories
  2. Art Journal and templates
  3. Creation of book

The cost of the class is for the class sessions and 2 lunches.  It would be fun to all have a meal together in the evening locally, which I could arrange if enough of us want it – separate cost.  Accomodation is available locally – ask for details.


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