Time out for a long break –

14th May 2017

Sorry for this long break from entering a new post.  In January I was told that it was time to have my aortic valve replaced and it would be soon – my valve had been deteriorating over 10 years and I had always known I would need this operation.  My heart was still in excellent shape and my consultant wanted the op to happen before my heart became affected by the faulty valve.  So all thoughts of delivering new classes or  doing some quilting or other crafts were put on hold and I awaited an appointment date.  This date finally arrived to attend the Royal Brompton Hospital on the 22nd February where I would have a series of tests and speak with the consultant, Mr Moat.

So following that day I soon received the date for my operation – April 6th.  What was clear was that I would have a surgical aortic valve replacement.  I was told  that I would be in hospital for 10 days and that it would take my body 3-4 months to return to normal.

Well it has all happened but the great news that for some reason, my body has been outstanding at repairing itself and that I am as well, nay even better than expected, 5 + weeks on.  I was let out of the hospital 4 days early, my wound has healed very well, I respond well to drugs and exercising and long may it continue – I don’t know why – but am just pleased with myself that it has all worked out that way.

This means that I can now plan new classes -as I also have had inquiries for classes as well so have started to put them in the diary for you to join them!

Sewing Machine Essentials – 24th June – 10 am – 2 pm

Beginner Evening Class – 3rd, 10th, 17th,  31st July; 7th, 14th, 21st August; 4th, 11th, 18th September  – 7 pm – 9.30 pm

Level II Beginner  –

21st*; 28th Aug; 9th, 16th, 23rd Oct; 6th, 27th Nov; 6th Dec; 15th Jan

9.30 – 12.30 pm) No dates in September



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