Twister quilt is finished!

twister quiltWell I have finally made the time to make my Twister quilt and about time too!

I am running a class on the 25th October and hadn’t made one yet to help sell the class to all those who might wish to take the class!

It is far easier to make than I thought, providing as a sewer, you are careful and systematic in your work.  Some good squares, a sharp rotary cutter and a quarter inch foot and you are away.  Come join me in the class, you will have lots of fun.

I am now about to make a Christmas Tree Twister Quilt since the class is in the run up to Christmas, and I suspect the students will want to make one for the holidays.

Storrington Quilters Christmas Quilt is about to be quilted, in time for November hanging of the quilt.

Each of us in Storrington Quilters has made a block for the Christmas Quilt we are making to hang in The Old School.  We have in the past made a Spring Quilt (soon to be replaced, as it is the first seasonal quilt we made some years ago and too small for the space allocated to us); an Autumn Quilt, now hanging in The Old School; and a Summer Quilt – the latter two are really fantastic examples of the great work Storrington Quilters can do.

See the range here:


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