First little survey

Good morning!

Gosh have spent the last couple of days creating and sending out a poll to my email list, only to find I can do it within WordPress.  How super is that?  I really tend to avoid the likes of Twitter and Facebook, feeling it is simply better to either work with my blog or send out emails to those who want to speak with me, rather than tell the world what is going on in my life.

Anyway, on the right is the Wonky Star Quilt I made for my grand-daughter, Cecilia Rose.  I had such fun making it and thank for the super tutorial.  She has other great ideas as well and I look forward to her tips and tricks for working with WordPress as I develop this blog.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I have constructed a poll for you to put your minds to and come back to me with ideas for courses I should offer in the Autumn.

Hopefull the poll will show to the right of this in the sidebar, when I am finished.  It is initially getting an idea of what courses people are interested in.  I run them here in Storrington at The Old School.  Easy to get to if you live in Sussex and hopefully convenient times as well.  Let me know what you think!


How / Why did you start quilting?

I started quite impulsively –  we found out we were to be grandparents and, hey, I thought, let’s make a quilt.  I had done exactly that 40 years before, when my first son was due, so my plan was to just copy his quilt and how fun that would be.  Well, yes and no!  It was 1969 when I made that 1st quilt which was from a UK pattern from  – possibly Family Circle, or the Daily Telegraph.  I really loved the pattern and to this day have not seen another one similar to it.  Herewith Devin’s quilt-

Dev's quilt

Then in 2004 I thought, I will make the same quilt again for what I knew was to be a grandson.  So much more difficult to make – I struggled with the applique, made a mess of my satin stitch, and so on.  But ended up with an alright result thanks to all my fellow students in the class that I joined showing me what to do.  The teacher, who will remain nameless, took one look at it and said ‘what a shame!’ I never took the quilt back to class but then started on my exciting journey into quilting!  I suppose I should thank her as well.  Herewith Ruben’s quilt:

Ruben's quilt

Now that I am so much further on, I would love to make it again.  Fabrics are considerably more interesting and my quilting would be entirely different!  I expect I will have a chance – there are at least 3 more niece/nephews who have the opportunity to supply me with an opportunity.

So let me know about what made you start quilting!  You can make a comment below, but be sure to leave your email address because I am giving away a charm pack for the best story there is for starting quilting – sorry I am the judge!  The stories have a certain similarity to them, I know.  But it should prove interesting.  Until next time –