Hello world!

Hi everyone!

This is my first blog and I am really excited about it.  I hope I will be able to keep up with it.

Let me tell you about myself:  I have lived in Storrington, West Sussex with my husband, Graham, 5+ years now.  I am American, my husband is English and we me in Tanzania where we were working in 1966.  I will tell you more about me later.

This blog will mostly be talking about my love for quilting and fabrics and sharing my joy with people through the courses I teach.  I have just finished teaching my second class this week on Free Motion Quilting.  What I love about teaching this class, a beginner one, is that everyone is a bit scared of it all and they really don’t know if they will succeed.  So far I haven’t had any one consider themselves a failure, so, so far so good!!!

I now have a bit of time to catch up with some UFOs before I have to start preparing for the new classes in the New Year and sorting out Christmas.  Most urgently, though, I have to make a replacement hat and shirt for Curious George who used to be Ben’s,  my youngest (now 34)and we have revived George for his son, Elwood (3 next week).  A friend is going to knit a sock for his bad foot as well.  When I finish, I will post a picture.

Bye for now, need to put the feet up and have a glass of wine.