New class schedule for the Autumn!

So there is lots happening in the Autumn and I hope you have checked with my class schedule.

What a summer – now that I am back into September I can catch my breath!

First off – I have some major interest in the Tuesday, October 14th class – but would really like more bookings.  It’s a Beginner Patchwork and Quilting class which meets alternate Tuesday afternoons with a break over Christmas and finally finishing on February 3rd 2015!  So if you want to join up, just drop me an email to let me know.

Also, my Saturday class will not run unless I get 3 more people!  Pity since in the past, the Saturday class has always been popular.  Everyone is too busy I suppose.

As well someone mentioned the possibility of an evening class.  I am happy to run one – but I need more people to show interest!  Unfortunately, I don’t have the room at home to run  a class – so need to have enough people to hire a hall.  I will keep you posted if you will do your turn and let me know if you are interested!

Suggest you check out this wonderful crazy quilt I saw today on the International Study Centre email.

My Beyond Beginner Class is filling up nicely.  It is a second level Beginner Class which starts on the 15th September meeting alternate Mondays.  One of the blocks we make is a foundation pieced crazy block – the gals all enjoy it.

I must start my new quilt I finally have the fabrics for:  Be Colourful by Jacqueline de Jonge.  This is being offered by The Quilt Show, which I follow regularly.  If you haven’t looked in on it, you should – full of lots of wonderful information.  They are having a special offer now for $15 or so to get to December membership.  That is about a third of the normal cost for a third of a year.  – dip your toe in and enjoy – $15 is £10 or so – a bargain for what you get, that’s for sure.














Stained Glass, fabric boxes and mug rugs

Gosh I have had a really busy time – last time I wrote was for the twins’ birthday –                        IMG_2179

The piggy and horse were a great success – my grand-daughter said – “My Piggy!”.  She was delighted and Robin, my grandson, really loved the hobby-horse.  The stick came out very soon of the piggy (it was so big) and I haven’t been back to fix it yet.

Storrington Quilters has had a super busy time – made useful fabric boxes in early May 

fabric boxes

  and Stained glass blocks later:

JV and AT stained glass

We have a stand at St Mary’s Sullington Flower Festival and hope to show and sell some quilts, as well demonstrate some quilting and appliqueing.

I signed up for a mug rug swap with Quilters Gallery and have swapped mine for Sally’s in Alabama.  Really pleased – fun to do and I have a new friend.  Can’t be bad!  Both Sally and I have made the same pattern :  First is Sally’s – love the pinkness and quilting, her butterfly and boat

Sally's mugrugs

and now mine:  Same pattern plus the two coasters I made for her.

Ann's mugrug!

I really must work on my photography – she took the photos of mine and I took the photos of hers. Her photo is so much clearer than mine!

I have drawn up a new Workshop schedule for the summer/autumn and have posted it here – I already have people interested in the Beginners and Beyond Beginners course – I plan also to offer another Intermediate class.

I have been thinking about offering a Wadding/Batting workshop – a couple hours or so, to discuss which wadding is which and what each is best for.  I hope to be able to make some quilt examples to be able to demonstrate this better. Anyone interested, let me know!

Enjoy the weather.



Piggy and horsey

IMG_2178 IMG_2179Well I have been busy – here are the two polled animals that I made for my dear grandchildren – I had decided to make a hobby horse for each of the twins – but then found out that my grand-daughter really wanted a Peppa Pig.  Well what was I to do?  So made one of each – thank you for the horse pattern  _ I couldn’t have made it without it.


The Pig was a different problem – Peppa pig is 2-dimensional – and I needed her to be 3 dimensional.  She is not that far away from being similar to the horse pattern but I took a colouring book Peppa pig picture and blew it up to A3 – and then tried to make her from that – adding a strip from the snout to the top of the head and then across down the back.  It looked like a rhino rather than a pig so then went on line to find a pattern and ended up one from China for a small pig which had no resemblance to Peppa Pig but on, which by blowing up, I could make!!  She is much too big and her head is at least half again what my grand-daughter’s head is.  Still – both are  a tremendous success.  The family is coming down for the weekend from Market Harborough so I will be able to put the pig’s head back on as it has fallen off in the meantime.

Speak to you soon.



New Beginners’ Patchwork and Quilting Course starting soon

A New Beginner’s Patchwork and Quilting  Course

kaf fas beg


Monday, 24th February 2014

9.30 – 12.30 pm

The Old School, School Lane

Storrington RH20 4LL

See the course descriptions under Workshop heading.  You will learn the terminology and the techniques that you need to know, to start on the road to quilting.  At the end of the course, you will be comfortable with cutting fabrics, piecing them together into blocks by using your sewing machine in class.

You will make a Sampler quilt and learn how to put a quilt together.  8 sessions of 3 hours on alternate Monday mornings.

Contact me on for further information.

Skill Builder Classes

Before I started the Intermediate Quilting Class,

several of you suggested you would love to do the course, but couldn’t commit for various reasons.  So I have opened the individual sessions to those of you who may be interested in joining a one off session on say, Sashiko or Bargello.  I expect it will be popular so will send out an email to tell people and hope that it brings results.

In the meantime I have been working on my Wedding Ring Block and have several bits ready to put together.  The Intermediate Quilting Class is working on the basis of making 12″ blocks and some of the instructions about do not work on that scale – say if they are making a whole quilt.  Thank you Anja Townrow for your tutorial in the British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. It  is proving very useful.

I must be getting on with my own Celtic Knot block so it is ready for the class on the 28th February.  Will put some photos in as soon as I have them.  If you are interested in any of the techniques I am offering – keep a watch on my blog for when I advertise the dates.

Take care – Ann



What fun this new course is –

Working on my new Intermediate Quilting Course!

So I came up with the idea of this as a group of classes which I ran three years or so ago.  They were fun and challenging.  I couldn’t keep it up as things at home were also becoming challenging.  So had to stop running them.

So have decided to run the new 2014 Interediate Quilting Class the same way I do the Beginners and the Beyond Beginners Classes – by making a Sampler Quilt where each of the block uses a different technique.  So we will be making blocks that include – Bargello; Celtic Knot; Dresden Plate; a Lone Star Block; a Machine Applique Block; a Box Block  (to include inset seams); Sashiko; New York Beauty; a wedding ring block and finally – a pieced Leaf Block (working with half-square and quarter square triangles.

The quilt will finish approximately 52″ and will look fantastic.  I was given some Australian fabrics last year so am using those as well as a few ethnic ones that work with them.  Here is my range of fabrics:

Dresden Plate blockBox BlockA couple of blocks of the quilt so far!

I am really excited about the course and already have 5 people booked.  Hope to have at least a couple more but will take up to 10.  I haven’t decided what the order will be but am busy making blocks, but will start out without challenging the group too much – take it easy to start until I know what the gals (and guys if any want to join!) are up to and how fast we can go.

We will meet the last Friday morning of each month – 9.30 – 1.30 pm starting on 31st January.

Must get on – I need more Australian fabrics, so if anyone knows where I can buy some here in the UK, could you let me know please?

Speak to you soon.

Keep watch of this space!

Quilt Overload

Well, I really have over done it this time! I do love my quilting but there is just too much going on these days!

In the last month, I have made this cat wall hanging for my friend’s 60th birthday. Finished off preparation for another Getting to know your sewing machine course; delivered a MachIMG_1837ine Quilting class; began another Beyond Beginner Class.




bargello cusion2

I delivered a Bargello Cushion workshop and today organised the sale of fabric which were given to the Storrington Quilters by the family of a woman who has gone into a home because of demintia.

I think the Quilter’s Guild will be taking the rest of the unsold fabric for their sale later in the month. I keep my fingers crossed since I have certainly run out of storage room Still a lot has been sold, thank goodness!

They did well out of the sale of the fabrics.  Must leave it for now!!

Twister quilt is finished!

twister quiltWell I have finally made the time to make my Twister quilt and about time too!

I am running a class on the 25th October and hadn’t made one yet to help sell the class to all those who might wish to take the class!

It is far easier to make than I thought, providing as a sewer, you are careful and systematic in your work.  Some good squares, a sharp rotary cutter and a quarter inch foot and you are away.  Come join me in the class, you will have lots of fun.

I am now about to make a Christmas Tree Twister Quilt since the class is in the run up to Christmas, and I suspect the students will want to make one for the holidays.

Storrington Quilters Christmas Quilt is about to be quilted, in time for November hanging of the quilt.

Each of us in Storrington Quilters has made a block for the Christmas Quilt we are making to hang in The Old School.  We have in the past made a Spring Quilt (soon to be replaced, as it is the first seasonal quilt we made some years ago and too small for the space allocated to us); an Autumn Quilt, now hanging in The Old School; and a Summer Quilt – the latter two are really fantastic examples of the great work Storrington Quilters can do.

See the range here:

Jelly roll and charm pack class

Greetings everyone!

It has been a while since I posted a page.   I expect you have missed me! (joke!)

Yesterday I ran a class where most of the students were using a charm pack, a small amount of extra fabric and some more bold fabric for sashing.  It is a great class for beginners since there aren’t a lot of techniques to conquer – in fact, the hardest technique to learn is cutting using a rotary cutter.  Sewing a 1/4 inch seam also challenges those without a quarter inch foot.charm pack quiltThis charm quilt is really super and when they finish their quilt, they will send a photo to me to share with you.

With Storrington Quilters I have put together a project schedule for the year.  One of the students from last year’s Beginner courses, has offered to lead  the group in making a folded fabric, Christmas Tree for the October project.  Storrington Quilters are all looking forward to the morning and hope we can get a lot done in two and a half hours.

Other projects – we made kimonos in September, November will have a Christmas theme.  Skipping to January we will be making Prairie Points; February – Faux Chenille; March – Trapunto; April we will be making a Celtic Knot; May will be a Stained Glass Window cushion; in June we will be making a quick Elephant and lastly in July, I will surprise them with something very different.kimono quiltAbove is the Kimono Quilt that Storrington Quilters made a couple of years ago.  It’s lots of fun and no sewing required in making them, just in mounting them on background!

Saturday classes

I have scheduled a Sampler Quilt class for Saturdays, the 26th October, 9th and 23rd November.  Each day is a full day of learning –  and the goal is to teach both the techniques and the students to construct 2 blocks at least each day.  Students will also be learning about presser feet, needles, threads, colour play and tradional vs modern quilting.  Below is the Sampler Quilt they will be making.

kaf fas begBlocks that they will make are:  Nine patch, Rail Fence;  Ohio Star; Disappearing Nine patch; Card Trick block; Flying Geese Quilt Block  (it has another name as well, but can’t remember it).  The student has a choice to make a Granny‘s Fan as well.  All great fun.  Why don’t you come and join us!

Speak to you soon


First little survey

Good morning!

Gosh have spent the last couple of days creating and sending out a poll to my email list, only to find I can do it within WordPress.  How super is that?  I really tend to avoid the likes of Twitter and Facebook, feeling it is simply better to either work with my blog or send out emails to those who want to speak with me, rather than tell the world what is going on in my life.

Anyway, on the right is the Wonky Star Quilt I made for my grand-daughter, Cecilia Rose.  I had such fun making it and thank for the super tutorial.  She has other great ideas as well and I look forward to her tips and tricks for working with WordPress as I develop this blog.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I have constructed a poll for you to put your minds to and come back to me with ideas for courses I should offer in the Autumn.

Hopefull the poll will show to the right of this in the sidebar, when I am finished.  It is initially getting an idea of what courses people are interested in.  I run them here in Storrington at The Old School.  Easy to get to if you live in Sussex and hopefully convenient times as well.  Let me know what you think!